Family Restaurant Reviews in Sewell, NJ

At Fireside Family Restaurant, we pride ourselves on serving the best dishes with great service in the Mantua, New Jersey area. Check out what our customers have been saying.
Tyler J.
LOVE IT! This is not "Jack's Fireside" - it's a new business, remodeled, too! Make the effort to look as you drive by - the exterior has been refreshed and the interior remodeled. I see a mixed bag of reviews here on Yelp, and I think that is to be expected for a family who reopened a former business location and had to remodel, build staff and develop themselves! Gotta check this place out. The quality of their ingredients (cheese, for example) is superior and they're generous! I love their Greek salad, plenty of Feta - lots of Salmon (wasn't on the menu, is avail!) I'm happy to have found a local business that delivers a great product, at a great price and that builds relationships in the community.
Laura L.
Great restaurant. Friendly, fast service! Have only had breakfast here but plan to return for lunch and dinner!
Gary C.
Service Is Excellent Food is Home Cooked style, served in a dated luncheonette setting. Better than going to a diner in the sense you aren't packed in. Large portions. Home Style Food. Great Service. Prices are very reasonable!
Heand S.
The restaurant was redecorated this past summer. It is quite comfortable and attractive. Breakfast here is excellent, especially the waffles. They are the best! The sandwiches are very good, especially the BLT's. Their lentil and navy bean soups are tasty. For crab cake lovers, theirs are a real treat. They are loaded with chunks of crab, and their serving consists of two huge crab cakes. Chicken pot pie is a favorite of ours, but don't look for a puff pastry topping, it is a thin bread dough topping with an egg wash. They also make a fine meat loaf, much better than most local restaurants. The salads are always fresh and tasty. Be prepared to take food home. Fireside doesn't know the meaning of small servings. Their menu could be smaller. Oh yes, desserts are homemade and excellent. There is a huge variety of homemade pies, cakes, puddings, and ice cream. You are sure to find something you like on their menu. They also have many specials listed on the board. Prices are very reasonable. Service is excellent too.
Todd F.
I have been in and out over the last few weeks, and the management appears to have changed. I only used to visit a handful of times a year, but I find myself frequenting much more often due to the people, food and atmosphere change. The place is in the process of getting a much needed makeover, and is coming along great! The staff is very friendly, and make you feel at home. Their breakfast was always the main attraction to me, but last night I went there for dinner on a whim. I was pleasantly surprised to see some old time favorites of mine on the menu, and ordered chicken croquettes, pickled beets and the beef and cabbage soup. Everything was delicious, and reminded me so much of comfort food and memories from my childhood that I had to call my Mother when I got home to tell her about it! The fresh cornbread was the best I've had, and I only wish my favorite BBQ joint could make it that good. Along with 2 pcs. of cornbread, they also included a fresh Italian roll, and a tasty cheese pastry. I've never had that much variety with a complimentary bread basket, and each piece was dipped and savored with our meals. We left full and happy with leftovers and dessert, for a price I still can't believe. I've (regrettably) spent more $ at Dennys before, and no way was the food this plentiful, fresh or tasty. I sincerely hope the "new" Fireside catches on, and the dining room fills up like it should. With our busy schedules and the unbelievable value, I definitely see us becoming 2 day a week regulars, and staying away from those all-too-tempting fast food joints.
Lynn K.
so glad the people who bought it from Jack R came back. Major improvement in food and service. We are there at least once a week for breakfast. Also, LOVE their pastrami specials!